Our Culture

Our Culture

Culture in a company of our size does not come from one or two people. It is a collective result from many. We believe our culture can be exemplified in four key areas:

  • Work Commitment—Do what we say we do
  • Embrace Change—Plan, adapt, act, learn
  • Building Relationships—Blend work and family
  • Accept Challenges—Do the extraordinary with ordinary people

Work Commitment

We believe in doing what we say we do and that success depends upon:

Embrace Change

RVI encourages our employees to embrace change. We believe it’s important to communicate to our employees the reasons behind proposed changes to give everyone involvement in planning and adapting to change, thereby minimizing any interruption to our clients. We reward individuals and teams that become "change agents" and emphasize the personal and professional growth opportunities associated with new changes. We place emphasis on learning from our experiences to constantly focus on improving our company. "Plan, adapt, act and learn!"

Build Better Relationships

Building better relationships, both at work and home, helps foster teamwork, improves our commitment to work and creates a more positive work and home environment. We encourage our employees to share their expertise, knowledge and personality at meetings. We want people to ask for help and to proactively offer to help, creating a more connected working relationship as well as team. We believe it’s important to recognize the people who are doing exemplary work, making positive contributions and going above the call of duty. We foster an environment where asking questions is important and often leads to stronger teams and ultimately, a better experience for our customers. "Embrace Those Who Respect, Honor and Value Relationships", our Vision Statement, is not just for our customers; it’s for all of us at RVI, as well as our surrounding communities.

Accept Challenges

"Do the extraordinary with ordinary people" can often be heard quoted by Dave Gelhar, SpecSys President. By leveraging our own skills, identifying and leveraging the skills of those we work with and the organization, great results are possible. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is determined by the actions we choose to take. We believe a challenge is an opportunity and allows us to acquire and develop new skills as a company and as individuals. When we embrace that excitement of a new challenge, we can identify the strengths of each facet of the organization, leverage the skills of each individual, provide an environment to learn and grow, value contributions of the individuals and teams, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

At RVI, We Take Quality Very Seriously

We believe it's imperative to "Say What We Do and Do What We Say". Every day we demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customers' and applicable regulatory requirements. We pride ourselves on our world-class processes and our commitment to ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

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