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RITALKA, INC. Promotes Teaming Industry & Education (TIE) Program

RITALKA, INC. Promotes Teaming Industry & Education (TIE) Program

RITALKA, INC. CEO Kevin Wald developed the TIE program many years ago with the goal of educating our rural, local students about the job opportunities available in their community.

TIE Value Statement:

Build relationships between local education and local industry through:

  • Regular interaction with local industry & education
  • Development of a comprehensive education process that integrates local industry at all levels of K-12
  • Every month in every classroom

Students of today need to know of local jobs tomorrow.


Industry Jobs

  • Each local industry job sends two children to a local school.
  • Each dollar that enters the community for an industry job circulates seven times before leaving that community.


  • Most students leave their home community to attend post secondary school.
  • Many students don’t finish post secondary school.
  • Few students return to their home community for work during their child raising years.

Industry & Education Adversarial Relationship

  • Many people employed by industry feel the local school district does not know how to live within their means.
  • Many people employed by school districts feel the local industry only care about profits and money.


  • Local school districts’ student body reductions have more impact on the ability to operate within a budget, rather than the spending habits.
  • Local industry is motivated and supportive of local students with time and treasure: Junior Achievement, choir, band, language clubs, sports teams, field trips, career day, FFA, etc.

On average, each local industry job sends two children to a local school district.
TIE Goals:

  • Support of local industry that creates jobs.

Jobs = More Students

  • Assure that each student that leaves our community positively considers returning during child raising years.
  • Assure a robust local industrial economy allows for careers and jobs when locally raised children are adults.


Subtle interactions of Industry in all class topics throughout the year are the key. Some examples:

  • A 2nd grade art project to color business logo’s of local industry businesses.
  • A 6th grade math problem on how to produce a square, 90-degree fabricated part and discussion about a local industry that may use this math.
  • An 11th grade assignment to list and explain the different professions involved in operating a business.

Make it Measurable:
One assignment a week can bring local industry into contact with students:
* Projects * Assignments
* Field trips * Guest speakers
* Discussions * Debates
* Web meetings * Conference calls
* Emails

How has RITALKA promoted the TIE efforts this year?

  • Redwood Falls High School students job shadowed RVI technicians.
  • New Ulm High School students toured our sister company, SpecSys, manufacturing facility and SpecSys Engineer Adam Oswald talked to the students about a career in engineering.
  • Montevideo and Granite Falls High School students toured the SpecSys Granite Falls manufacturing facility and learned about the products we design and build.
  • Two Redwood Falls High School students had a one week internship for a few hours each day with RVI Engineers.
  • A Minnesota West Community & Technical College welding student job shadowed a SpecSys Granite Falls weld employee.
  • Monetary donations have been given to local scholarship funds, band fundraisers, and after prom activities as well as volunteering time to Junior Achievement.

Only working together, Industry & Education, can we make our local community stronger.

  • Testimonials

    We place great value on our partnership with RVI; they’re an integral component of our value chain network.
    Their customer-centric value set, people and 
    processes provide Stratus a competitive advantage in our markets.
    Our collaborative model is the foundation from which we’ve built our partnership with RVI. 
    ~ Dave Harrington, Stratus Technologies, Vice President of Supply Chain

  • Testimonials

    "We at Valuetronics have utilized RVI’s repair services for a number of different power supplies.
    The work performed by RVI has always been of the highest quality and at very competitive prices!
    In addition, their entire staff has been nothing but professional. They are a 
    pleasure to work with!"
    ~ Brad Hollowell, Operations Manager, Valuetronics International, Inc.

  • Testimonials

    "RVI’s focus on their customer stands out in our supply chain. Their staff is courteous and friendly,
    they respond quickly and clearly to your needs, and deliver on time and with a high degree of quality.
    They continue to perform for us year after year." 
    ~ Steve Mauga, QA Manager,VTI Instruments, a division of AMETEK

  • Testimonials

    "We are pleased to announce that RVI has been appointed as the authorized service provider
    for all standard Out of Warranty Artesyn products, including Astec, CPI, Zytec, ADDC and
    Powertec, beginning June 1, 2016. RVI has full access to all of Artesyn’s repair and test
    documentation, as well as years of technical expertise servicing products on our behalf.

    ~ Rich Berman, Senior Quality Engineer, IM&D Product Support,
    Embedded Power, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

  • Testimonials

    "I love working with the RVI team! We have been working with them for years and they
    are very responsive. They never have an issue with expediting when we need it and their
    turn-around-time is awesome. RVI rocks!

    ~ Vanna Nguyen, LTX-Credence Buyer/Planner, Xcerra Corporation



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